Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
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Dungeon Master: Barak Shoshany

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Basic Details

After more than a year, the campaign has been rebooted with a completely new original story arc. Please click here for an introduction to the new campaign, and other details about the setting. This section will be updated periodically as the players make new discoveries.

The current campaign level is 4. This means that every player character regularly participating in the campaign is currently at this level. New player characters will always start their first session at level 1, and will gradually level up to the campaign level as decided by the DM. Note that this applies also for new characters created by existing players.

We play roughly once a week, usually on the weekend, and sessions last up to 5 hours. Participation in the campaign requires no commitment whatsoever; you are not obligated to come to every session, you can simply play whenever you have time.

The sessions always take place at Perimeter Institute, 31 Caroline St. North, Waterloo, in the Gravity Room on the 4th floor. For players not associated with PI, if the door to the building is closed please call or send a message to the DM, and you will be let in.

Session Schedule

The sessions will be scheduled every couple of weeks by filling out a survey to coordinate everyone's availability. The links to the surveys will be sent out by email to the campaign's mailing list.

We have a large number of people who are interested in playing, but the DM has set the maximum number of player characters per session to 7. If there are more than 7 people available to play on a specific date and time, the DM will choose only 7 of them to participate in that session, and the rest will be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellation. Although not everyone will get to play every session, over time every person should get to participate in roughly the same number of sessions.

A typical combat scenario in our campaign. Featured PCs from left to right: Teoshi, Blix, Naeran, Holgar, Quoster (as a bear), Kenku Wilson, David Griffin. Enemies: Shambling Mound, Redcaps, Flail Snails, overseen by Mielikki (top left corner). Illustration by Tomás A. Reis. Click for higher resolution.

Preparation and Character Creation

Basic Rules and Player's Handbook

If you have never played D&D 5th edition before, please take a look at the D&D Basic Rules first.

It is strongly recommended that everyone, even inexperienced players, will have the D&D 5th Edition Player's Handbook available for reference during character creation and, if possible, during the sessions themselves. You can (and should) purchase a physical copy in any game store. The Player's Handbook is the best and most comprehensive source of information about everything in the game.

Important note: There is only a small sample of races and classes in the Basic Rules. It is highly recommended to consult the full list of races and classes in chapters 2 and 3 of the Player's Handbook when creating your character.

Pre-generated Characters

All players are encouraged to create unique characters that you would enjoy role-playing and to work out every little detail of their personality and background. If you prefer not to create your own character (e.g. due to lack of experience and/or time), you may simply choose one of 16 pre-generated characters and print out the character sheet of the appropriate level.

Rules for Character Creation

The recommended character sheet for this campaign is The Clean Sheet (click here for a direct download link), which is an auto-calculating PDF with all the details about races, classes, equipment and spells already built-in. Remember to print out your character sheets and bring them to the sessions!

Leveling Up

There is no XP in our campaign. As a rule of thumb, most characters who play regularly should be at the current campaign level (indicated above). However, characters who have not played for a long time, or who have not participated in a sufficient number of sessions, might not level up when the campaign levels up. The DM will send an email to the mailing list whenever the campaign levels up, specifying which characters have leveled up.

In order to save time, when you level up your character, please send the DM a list of all the changes you made when you leveled up, along with a copy of your new character sheet, for approval before the session. If you have any questions about the leveling up process or individual spells or abilities your character has acquired when leveling up, the DM will be happy to discuss them with you. It is also possible to meet with the DM to level up your character together.

House Rules & Homebrew Content

Our campaign contains many house rules; for example, the way that critical rolls work has been drastically extended. There are also many homebrew and modified magic items, and some modified classes and spells. For the complete list of house rules and homebrew content, please click here.

What to Bring to Sessions

Please bring the following items to every session:

Laptops are not allowed during sessions. Please print out anything that you might need (character sheet, spell descriptions, etc.) before the session.

The Player Characters

The player characters who have been active so far in the campaign are:

  1. Andry, a Ghostwise Halfling Grave Cleric of Mavet, played by Melanie
  2. Arec, a Half-Elf Circle of the Land (Coast) Druid, played by Bel
  3. Cronard, a Half-Orc Path of the Totem Warrior Barbarian, played by Jamie
  4. Filthy, a Human Eldritch Knight Fighter, played by Jacob
  5. Merpona, a Wood Elf Beast Master Ranger (beast: Squerp, a Pangolin), played by Fiona
  6. Pantern, a Drow Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer, played by Nicole
  7. Pyre, a Half-Elf Ranger, played by Fernando
  8. Silver Meow, a Tabaxi Monk, played by Juan
  9. Valpora, a Dragonborn Oath of Devotion Paladin of The Creator, played by Kayla
  10. Varis, an Eladrin Arcane Trickster Rogue, played by Haydn

The player characters who are currently on hiatus are:

  1. Jordan, a Wood Elf Ranger, played by Lucas
  2. Norwen, a Fire Genasi Divination Wizard, played by Kasia
  3. Richart, a Human Tempest Cleric (Atheist), played by Ashley
  4. Ronya, a Half-Elf Druid, played by Juliane
  5. Tamisyn, a Wood Elf Way of Shadow Monk, played by Joscelyn


Our game is very newbie-friendly, and absolutely no experience in D&D or other RPGs is required. If you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and would like to join, please email the DM at baraksh@gmail.com and/or send a Facebook message.

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